Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talking in your sleep....part 2 :)

So, the semester has hit HARD here at the Call house. Cameron wakes up at 6:00am to go running [training for a marathon. woo!], comes home and gets ready, out the door for class from 8-2, work up in orem from 3-6:30 and then back to campus until late...dinner happens around 9 most of the time. I've got class from 9:30 to 6:30, working on campus for 20 hours a week, designing and managing the marketing for Eastwind Creations, and trying desperately to make dinner/clean the house [which, let's be does most of the time anyway.] On top of all that, for the past 3 nights, we've been at a barn decorating for Cam's best friend, Cam's, wedding reception to the cutest girl EVER.

It's been hectic. Either way the past few nights of sleep in our house has been pretty eventful.

You may remember our past sleeping issues here and here.

Thursday, I woke up to Cameron *shouting* "NICK CLARK?! WHO IS THAT GUY?!"
Stiffling giggles, I said softly, "I don't know Cam, who is Nick Clark?"
However, Cameron was already knocked out again.

Later that night, I was hot and uncomfortable so I got up to turn the AC back on. I curled up off the pillow and accidentally woke Cameron up. He started rubbing my back, I think confused as to how I was laying..."" I sit up, shocked he's even coherent, and he elbows me in the face and starts cracking up. lol. I turned the AC off, and went back to the "safe" side of the bed. 

Last night was my absolute favorite though. We had just got back from enjoying the gorgeous barn reception of a beautiful couple, and watched the newest episode of The Office. Yay. We read scriptures, talked about the marriage advice Ensign Q&A [highly recommend! just good to think about!] and then knelt down for family prayer. I was surprised when Cameron started saying it because it was "my turn" but he calls on me if he wants me to, so I was interested to hear what he was so intent on praying for. Everything sounds normal until he says, "And if thou hast all the nic..."


*Full on belly laugh* "Oh my goodness, Kristin! I just fell asleep and was dreaming about counting our fun jar..." *Belly laugh* "I guess I was really concerned about the nickels. O, please don't blog about that!"

LOL. We were both laughing so hard Cameron quickly finished up the prayer. He's so stinking cute. Even when he's tired. :)


Stacey said...

man I wish ryan and I did funny things when we got ridiculously tired... we just get cranky...not pretty

Emilee said...

lol! gotta love the crazy life. for us anyway, we never seem to have enough time together...after each section of life we think it will settle down, it never does. it is what keeps people together i decided! and that article is great!

*Meg Larsen* said...

Eric is always saying funny things in his sleep. My personal favorite was the time he woke me up to ask if the officer wanted to see his license. I still wonder what he was dreaming about!

Kristi said...

I just love that you wrote IN your blog that he asked you NOT to write it in your blog. LOL. Too funny!

Lindsay said...

did you ever discover who Nick Clark is? Poor Cameron the guinea pig. :)

Kristin said...

actually we did. he was a broadcaster on the BBC radio network. :) wooo! I have such a cultured husband. :) lol

Momma J said...

So I was remembering that you do an incredible Gil Gripper impersonation, and I think you should post a video of yourself..
Jooshie <3