Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

No pictures of our awesome costumes yet, but Sunday we had a super fun couple [the holt's] over for dinner and to make halloween cookies! They turned out super yummy. We didn't have any sprinkles, so we crushed up cinnamon and butterscotch disks and made powdered sugar icing. [more on the old candy later]. :) We also didn't have icing bags...or any bags for that matter, so we were left with butter knives and good old fashioned creativity. What do you think?




The ghosts were the favorite creative cookie shape. Cam made a dinosaur foot.

But the favorite was the Elvis Ghost made by Heather.
How cute is that?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Introducing... Baby Boy Beck [squared]!

Both boys are big and healthy, and Emilee looked way too good to have brand new twins. She's really becoming one of my best friends. I love you Em! Baby A was 6 pounds 5 ounces. Baby B was 6 pounds 11 ounces. That's a lot of baby inside one cute girl! Both babies did great. Baby B was having some trouble breathing-he was breathing too fast [around 80 breaths per minute]. Cameron and Adam went into the nursery where Baby B was and gave him a blessing. Almost immediately his breath count dropped to 55. 15 minutes later he was released to come see Emilee. We were happy to be able to see them together and hold both babies. They're so little! They wanted to wait to give the boys names until they could see them side by side. 

the new additions to the Beck fam
[Adam's holding Baby A and Emilee's holding Baby B]

Cute little Baby B with too many breaths per minute. This is in the nursery, before he calmed down enough for the nurses to let him come meet the rest of the fam.

Kiara with Baby A on the Left and Baby B on the Right. As soon as he was in the room with the family, he opened his eyes and looked all around. They're a gorgeous deep blue. It was so fun to see this little life! Baby A was very content to sleep.

 What a babe! :) [Cam holding Baby A]

 Me with Baby A.
[Most of these pictures were taken before Baby B was able to come back to meet us all. I know for fact the Becks have some awesome ones! Sorry there aren't more close-ups of the newbies!]
Big Congratulations to you Becks!!! :) We love you! 

Family Night

I've had a bunch of meltdowns lately because it's my last semester before GRADUATION! I've been struggling to motivate myself because I'm pretty burnt out after the hectic summer we had. A few weeks ago, I came home and Cameron had Family Night all planned out. We made a paper chain together counting down to Graduation, and watched the clip on about running the marathon and never being alone [He's kind of amazing like that]. We used white printer paper strips for school days, and colored cardstock for weekends and holidays. TOTALLY WORTH IT! I love seeing the chain get shorter and shorter, and we both live for Thursday night when we get 3 colored strips in a row. Thanksgiving looks like a total party as far as the chain goes. :) Either way, we're in the home stretch!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have the most incredible husband.

I came home to a note on the counter today.

I love you Kristin. I'll be home asap. Don't worry about making dinner. Have some YOU time!