Sunday, April 4, 2010


That's right. I'm talking to you. :) jk. I had the following conversation with my sister, Lindsay.

L: I read your blog on Michael Buble. It looks like you had a really great time!
K: Why don't you comment on my blog anymore? Is it scary because it's "big" now?
L: Yeah. It's scary because it's big. Lame, huh?
K: Super lame.

So, I'm here to clarify. I am still the one writing our lives up on It's me. Kristin. The one who also writes this blog. That blog is an effort to simplify my life a little bit. Updating 3 different blogs on a regular basis is a sure fire way to pull your hair out/go grey/get wrinkles at an early age and no one likes that. Smooshing them all together was my solution, thus, callmekristin was born. And Blogger doesn't have the ability to do that as well/easily as I wanted. So now my blog is on wordpress [for those of you who asked]. It's not scary. and I'm afraid of losing contact with all of you just because the URL switched. :(

Your comments mean a lot to me. I mean it. So please don't be scared of my "big" blog anymore. It's still a blog. and it's still us. If you want to just stay up to date on the happenings of C&K, just click on the far left circle in the header. It'll automatically weed out all the stuff you don't want to see.




Alexandra said...

Kristin...I need to consult your help for doing my own web site... I will email you soon. xoxo, Alex

*Meg Larsen* said...

I can't get the link to work on my blog...I can get there from this blog but not from my own or even by directly typing the URL into my browser...any ideas?

Kristin said...

that's so weird! The only thing I can guess is are you spelling Kristin right? my co-worker was so frustrated trying to spell it with an -en. Other than that, i'll look into it!

*Meg Larsen* said...

I think I finally figured it out...I'm having some weird computer glitches and trying to get rid of a nasty spyware program...

seems to work now :o)

Daniel and Bethany Whitehead said...

Just letting you guys know that Daniel and I miss you...oh and we finally watched Avatar.

Daniel and Bethany Whitehead said...

oh! So, can I still get to your old posts to find the ones where you talk about the cooking 30 meals in one day? I tried to find it but it seems to have disappeared... You can call me! Thanks!