Wednesday, August 6, 2008

in 160 characters or less...

Humor from the text inbox of Kristin McGuire

"If I could be a dork and dance like you, I'd join the Spice Girls or something."
- Cameron Call

"Kristin, you know the moment I knew we were made for each other was when we both commented on those rims when we were down on the strip."
- Hilary Ashman

"Today i had some regular mike and ikes. It was like eating garbage. Fruity, chewy garbage."
(I introduced Moose to the wonders of the blue mike and ike world. I'll be honest, this is a common side effect. Any other kind of mike and ike just doesn't seem to measure up. They're that good.)

"Kristin. Each day you seem to amaze me more than the day before and you become more and more attractive to me. It's making me sick :) but I think it's a good one though. I don't want to throw up. It's more that I want it to never go away ever."
-Cameron Call
(In his defense...this was at like 2 in the morning...Really romantic Cam. Throw up always gets a nice mood. lol)


Jessica said...

As my other unmarried blogger.. I absolutely love reading your blog.. Stick to the eating right thing.. because when you have no control over anything else.. you have control over what your putting in your mouth.. loves


Paul Epperson said...

"You changed my life again."
-Paul Epperson
(Fortunately, Kristin enjoys changing lives on a daily basis. Sometimes even twice a day. I think the record was thrice, a few days back.)