Wednesday, October 22, 2008

help out a friend :) on the little green check mark right over there -->
and give an artist credit where credit's due! :)


Cherise Davies said...

you are SO NICE!!! thanks girlie!
and i still think you need to enter something, have you???

Ali Seaman said...

love to hear from you

woodsfam said...

Hey Kristen, I love your engagement pictures! They are so cute. Congrats on the engagement too:)

BryceRD said...

Hey girl,
yeah i have some. What kind are you wanting? the TImewise 3 in 1 cleanser: Normal to dry or combination to oily? or are you thinking of a completely diff cleanser?
if its one of those it would be like $11 for the cleanser and the moisturizer would be i think....$8? I'll have to check later when i have more time.

my address is ....oh crap actually we're moving in like...two days so i'll get you the new address later....soon later i promise!

Cherise Davies said...

ok my address is
899 East, 150 North, # 1 Logan UT 84321

Cherise Davies said...

Hey lady! Do you still want MK stuff?? call me!
435 754 6026