Monday, October 6, 2008


So , I stole this idea from Mrs. Erin Mecklenburg. She made up some new categories...but I have no way of figuring out what the original ones are, so looks like this version is the new original.

1. Use Google images to answer each question.

2. Choose your favorite picture from ONLY the first page.

3. Remember to explain all the pics.

(Credit for the Mosaic situation goes to Erin....or rather Erin's friend Maggie...according to Erin's blog, Maggie is worth being like, so I figured I'd join the masses of Maggie-ites...tho I've never met her.)

(Top row, left to right--you'll figure it out)

1. First name? careful when typing in your first name ladies...apparently I have a pretty scandalous alter ego.

2. Middle name? McGuire-soon to be!! :)

3. Last name? Call-soon to be!! :)

4. What are you doing right now? Working

5. Favorite color? Red (that's actually algae...but I thought it was pretty! :))

6. Best friend's nickname? Ness.

7. Screen name? ssstoked34... this is actually a desktop I made forever ago...looks like it's still circulating the web.

8. Age? 20 (ahhh-mac. :) )

9. Favorite place? Italy-have I ever been there? no...would I sell my soul to go? probably.

10. Celebrity crush? Benny the Jet Rodriguez. :) mmm. Don't judge me-I developed the crush when I was like 7. and yes...that says "My pants are tight, and that's ok!" awesome. :)

11. What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom

12. Past love? Boy Meets World!!!

13. Where were you born? American Fork, Utah. :) yay

14. College degree? Advertising

15. Place you've visited? Edmonton, Alberta. Biggest Mall in the World-a.k.a. Celestial Glory

16. One word to describe you? Blessed

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