Friday, December 12, 2008

The Real Mrs. Incredible

We're in the home stretch for planning this wedding! (3 Weeks Away! AH!) My mom is jumping through hoops, moving the earth, and scheduling so many different things i can't believe she hasn't driven herself completely insane. She's incredible. :) This post is a shout out to her I suppose. She probably won't have time to read this, though, because she's sewing 5 bridesmaids dresses, planning the menus, scheduling temple sessions, photographers, cakes, flowers, reception halls, etc. She's stuffing announcements and tracking down addresses and on top of it all making me feel like such a beautiful bride. I couldn't ask for a better mom. :) I love you!

(PS- The announcement up there ^^ is supposed to be brown...I don't know what made it change to blue, but it's still pretty :) )


Erin said...

I was wondering about the blue! Thank you for that little note that it. ONE MORE DAY!!!

Emilee said...

glad it is all over? it was so crazy at my moms house putting everythiing together too! what a mess! i am glad to be home now, she said, "emilee, you cant leave, i have not had one second to enjoy my grandkids!" which is so true! but it was long enough and we had to leave. glad moms know how to work their rears off, eh!

Kelly said...

Kristen - Talked to your mom the other day and she said something about things getting stolen and she wasnt sure where the pearls are. I cant sleep at night please tell me you have them and will get them back to me so I can sleep again. Love Aunt Kelly