Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on the Job

No word for sure yet on the job. I did receive an e-mail from them yesterday that said they hadn't come to a decision yet, but that they would be in contact with me shortly. They're in the process of moving offices, so I'm sure things are crazy over there. I'm just happy it's not a "no!"
I'll keep you posted. :)

p.s. in other news, we are officially less than a month away from graduation!
p.p.s. we get the key to our new ADORABLE place on Monday. :) woo hoo! (For those of you who didn't know we were moving...I promise there will be a very detailed post with pictures etc. I apologize if you didn't know this already-we wanted to keep it on the DL so people in our ward wouldn't shun us.)


A Fish. B Fish. said...

Yay! You are going to be so much closer to us! :)

Brenton and Adree Jensen said...

are you leaving the ward?!?! sadness if you are.

Kristin said...

Yeah...we're moving to Orem. :( We're way bummed out about leaving the ward, but the place is WAY too good to pass up.

KeNzIE said...

Can't wait till the pictures come!!! Had so much fun with you guys on Sunday!
ps. your nephews are adorable!!!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad it's not a no. :) Time is flying by! Sheesh.

Lori said...

Oh fun! Where are you moving to?? {Wait... just read your comment... Orem! Fun!! We lived there and loved it so much.} We'll be crossing our fingers for you with the job hunt!

Emilee said...

we want to help you move...i know, laugh if you want! it will be funny, but we want to at least try! hehe! let us know when you do k!