Tuesday, December 1, 2009


 1 phone call from eHarbor offering me the job!
6 days off for Thanksgiving break
2 adorable neices who spent
17 hours in the car with us so the other
4 Becks could come with us
10,000 wipes used to clean up Baylee & Elisha during the trip
 2 turkey trots in the gorgeous Queen Creek sunshine
.93 miles walked [briskly] by Adrienne and I for
20 minutes of wonderful conversation
35+ family members who made
1 delicious thanksgiving dinner
1 amazing husband who woke up with me at
4:30 in the morning to buy
14 movies and
2 sweaters for family pictures at the Black Friday sales.
1 barn dance
2 new swing moves
3 cups of hot cocoa
2 hours of dancing

1 kiss on the lips from Pop
274 kisses from the amazing husband and
2 bahama bucks snow cones with creme to make me feel better after
4 tylenol gel caps and

1 meltdown
20 fake oreos
2 boxes of graham crackers
2 fruit punch squeez-its
1 holiday popcorn tin and
0 car problems[!] see here [except for
1 broken cigarette lighter which meant
0 movies for the girls in the car] and
10 "you can do it" texts from mom
makes for
1 amazing Thanksgiving break


Lindsay said...

the holiday popcorn tin is essential. I think this might be the year to introduce it as a tradition. And YAY for no car problems...that's new.

*Meg Larsen* said...

oh, Bahama Bucks! we used to have 2 close by and now have none...where's the closest one?

also, be brave for enduring car trips with small children. it's loud and there is no shame in signing Old MacDonald continuously for 3 hours if it helps tone down the shrieking.

Whit N Adam said...

Congrats on the job! I feel you on the meltdown, mine are for different reasons, but I've had about one a day lately. I think we need to hang out more often, so we can commiserate together, ha :)

Oh wait, you're in Utah and I'm in Vegas...dang it. Well, how about January sometime??

Alexandra said...


Alexandra said...

oh and CONGRATS on the job!

A Fish. B Fish. said...

haha Kristin I love this post :)

Emilee said...

loved that! so cute!